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Welcome to Aalaya Darshanam Trust
Complete Information on Temples in India : NGO - Non Profit Organization (NPO) - Regd. Trust.

Our Mission / The Known Facts

Our Mission is to Promote, Save & Protect Our Rich Temples, Culture, Traditions, Language & Religions in India across the World..

In Ancient Times our kings / rajas / maharajas / chakravarthy's / landlords have given lots of resources / funds / fertile lands to Temples in India and were actively participating in the development & maintenance of temples in india.

Funds were raised from the Donations of the Kings / Public, offerings from public / rajas and from the lease / rent received by the farmers / public for cultivation of Crops in the Temple Lands.

Daily Kainkaryams , festivals, Sevas, Special Utsavams have been performed regularly without fail.

But now what is happening, now the time has come to seriously look into the matter. why this situation came & is still existing. When we will sustain self ability as in the past. If this continues we may loose all our ancient temples and our future generations will not be able to even see / perceive them.

Temple Lands were taken away by the govt. of various states and central govt. of country and other private people for other purposes..
Temples were & are being destroyed for various hidden treasures.
Many Ancient Temples are destroyed and being destroyed which are part of our rich culture, tradition & heritage.
Many Temples are looking for funds even for daily Kainkaryams & routines.

Being an Hindu Country, Land of Temples, In spite of Being Secular, We are facing many such problems .

Under the mask of secularism, we are sacrificing our rich temples, culture, traditions, religion . Many of us, especially youth & coming generations are being attracted towards the western culture and have been changing the life style to accommodate western culture. Its the greatness of our Religion , Culture, Tradition that made us Secular, but this doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice our own temples, culture, traditions, language & religion. We Honor all Religions at the same time, we have to save, promote & protect our religion.

Our Aim & Intension is to Promote, Save & Protect Our Rich Temples, Culture, Traditions, Language & Religion, but not to hurt any feelings of Persons, Religions or Communities in any way.

We are Indians, We are Hindus and We are Secular.
We Respect & Honor all the Religions and even expect the same from the others.

Support Us to Protect, Help & Support Temples in India
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last update on : Friday, 16 May, 2008 5:34 PM

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